The Experts Are Not Your Friends

expert photo The Experts Are Not Your Friends

Maybe We Need A Break

One of the symptoms of our nation’s current malaise is our reliance on experts. In the areas of education, economics, and health, we have abdicated our responsibilities. Theology and God are proven away by scientists who are given free rein to pronounce on any area of mystery.

In some instances, people have become so disengaged that we’ve allowed education and economics to get combined for convenience. Hedge fund managers and investment bankers have taken the lead in education “reform.” They got bored with all their hard work in making our economy more efficient. They know how to close the achievement gap – create institutions that control the “stranger”, the “other.” Institutions they wouldn’t be caught dead sending their own children to.

The production of high fructose corn syrup gets subsidized and the poor population becomes fatter and unhealthier. We worship food pyramids that have been built to the gods of greed (In future posts I’ll be providing my own food porn antidote to this control measure).

Letting the experts run things have created an obesity epidemic in information, entertainment and food. They are our enemies.

We’re suffering from learned helplessness with no cure in sight. We need a diet and we need more simplicity.

I am a ronin. I am joined by people like Ken (check out his blog), Dino (make sure you follow this), Ian, Bernadette, and Yaro. We all pursue our positive deviant status in different ways. I quit a lie of a job; I workout and eat Paleo; I am a member of the NRA; I look for every opportunity to engage in rants against the enemies of cognitive diversity; I am unapologetic in my faith, and I help people who seek their path in spite of the fear. I do what I can. What are some of the things you are doing?

Anyone else want to join the tribe?

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