The Experts Are Not Your Friends

Maybe We Need A Break

One of the symptoms of our nation’s current malaise is our reliance on experts. In the areas of education, economics, and health, we have abdicated our responsibilities. Theology and God are proven away by scientists who are given free rein to pronounce on any area of mystery. In some instances, people have become so disengaged […]


Schools Need A New Idea – Start All Over Again!

test answer

The recent New York Times story about a remarkable drop in  test scores (after being recalibrated by New York State), should give us immediate pause and force a reassessment of claims about what really works in public education.  Many people are  scrambling to explain away what happened.  Some are even complaining that “the goalposts were […]


The Way To Happiness Is Simple (Not Easy)

happy face

Happiness is our natural condition. All you have to do is look at a healthy infant to notice that their default state is one of unfiltered joy. As we grow older, we learn to add to our list of needs. Our wants and needs become confused. Eventually, as Ralph Waldo Emerson pointed out, “Things are […]

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