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This is a place for dreamers and doers.  It is a place for “Ronin” – masterless samurai who combine two passions: freedom and service.  This is a place for small business owners who want to make a difference in the lives of their customers.  It is for men and women who believe in self reliance for all areas of their lives.  We are “life preppers” who want to be ready for anything.  Not because we fear the future but because we want to make the most of it.

You will find advice on personal development and creating and marketing a small business that will help provide you with economic and emotional security.  I believe that entrepreneurs and small business people can save this country.  You will find information on growing your own food, making sure you have clean water, and protecting yourself, your family and your community.

You are here because you don’t believe that a government or a large corporation has your best interests at heart.  You believe there is still opportunity to build something.  While you build, you will not ignore others who have the desire and work ethic but just need a hand up.

I used to think I needed to separate my interests in small business, public service, personal development/mindset, practical skills, and survival.  I now understand that these are all parts of what makes me who I am.  I believe there are others out there like this. Others who understand the importance of integrating body, mind, and spirit. No, we’re not crazy.

I’m a city boy from the village of Harlem, New York who believes in reinvention.  This has led me to the practice of law, education, youth development, and international development.  I am now on a path to learning skills that were taken for granted in the 19th century. These were neighborhood building skills like creating a garden, raising livestock, herbal medicine and emergency first aid, carpentry, blacksmithing, and, yes, marksmanship.  You’ll see stuff about these things here along with discussions on physical fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and choosing yourself.

Welcome to my world of an old dog learning new tricks. I hope to share what I’ve learned and be a resource to help you if you’re on the same path regardless of age, race, class, or sexual orientation.

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“Your work in teaching communications skills and raising officer awareness is without peer. I think the true expert or authority of a matter or subject is the person who lives in that role, totally immersed, developed and infused until instinctive. You certainly have achieved this level of understanding and have coupled it with a keen ability to instruct.” – former Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, lll


and for the more formal visitors:

Hans E. Hageman

Hans Hageman is the CEO and Founder of Hans Hageman and Associates, LLC. Hans Hageman and Associates trains, coaches and consults government agencies, nonprofits and individuals in the areas of wellness, communications, leadership, and marketing. He is also the executive director of Jitegemee, Inc., a nonprofit that helps poor children and teens in Machakos, Kenya.


Hans grew up in East Harlem, raised at Exodus House – his home and a residential treatment center for drug addicts, established and run by his parents.  The importance of community, service and education was learned here and from them as pioneering examples who committed their lives in service of others. Determined to pursue a career that would impact and change the lives of children and their families Mr. Hageman has spent his life in service of others at home in the United States and in countries like Sudan, India, Ghana, Senegal and Nicaragua.


His strong focus, determination, persistence and the importance his parents placed on education led Mr. Hageman to graduate with honors from Collegiate School for Boys, receive his B.A. from Princeton University and his J.D. from Columbia University School of Law. Mr. Hageman has a vast amount of experience in the private as well as public sector. His law experience included stints at two prestigious New York firms. He served as an assistant district attorney in the Office of Special Narcotics Prosecution for New York during, Chief Counsel for the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, and as the Minority Chief Counsel and Staff Director for the United States Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution. He is also a former consultant with the national Police Corps where he provided NLP and tactical communications training.

During his legal career, Mr. Hageman realized that educating children should be a central part of his life’s mission after volunteering at several public schools in Harlem and the Lower East Side.  So in 1992 he co-founded The East Harlem School at Exodus House, where he served as Executive Director.  This unique private middle school for children of East Harlem provides students and their parents an affordable model of rigorous and progressive private education for those who normally would not be able to afford it.

In 2002, Mr. Hageman founded the Sulaxmi School for Girls in Lucknow, India. During his first visit to Lucknow in 2000, Mr. Hageman met hundreds of children, most of them little girls of school age and witnessed the abject poverty (families with earnings of less than $1 per day) of the families. In spite of the enormity of the problem, he exhibited the determination that has been with him since Exodus House.  He and his wife, Bernadette, committed their savings and built a tuition – free school for girls in Lucknow, India. They knew they could not continue to do this alone, so they created the Salus Foundation.  The Salus Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides financial and technical support to the Sulaxmi School for Girls.

From 2002 through 2009, Mr. Hageman was the Executive Director of Boys and Girls Harbor, Inc., a $14.5 million organization serving 2,500 children in New York City. In 2005, under the umbrella of Boys and Girls Harbor, Mr. Hageman founded the Emily N. Carey School (ENCS), an independent private high school for students who had not met with success in New York City’s public and parochial schools. ENCS was established to provide a curriculum and program that prepares students for college, the world of work and life.   ENCS provided students with a depth and breadth of education, which would otherwise have been far beyond the reach of their lower-income parents to provide.

Mr. Hageman also provided training to the Baltimore Police Department for four years. He worked with everyone from rookies to veteran homicide detectives in areas that included interviewing and interrogation and community relations.

With his wife, Bernadette, he also started Brownstone Fitness – Harlem’s top fitness/wellness studio for women in Harlem. He also conducts free safety and self defense workshops for women and high school age girls as part of the Brownstone Fitness mission.

Mr. Hageman has been honored with a 2001 Essence Award, the Hero Award from the Robin Hood Foundation, and numerous community service awards from Columbia BALSA, New York Law School, the New York City Council, Princeton Alumni, and the Boy Scouts of America among others.

He has also been featured on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, WNEW and New York 1 among others.   He has been featured in the New York Times, the Daily News, Essence Magazine, New York Magazine, People Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor and numerous other publications.

Mr. Hageman is Chair of the Board of the Salus Foundation, Inc. and former Treasurer of the Board of the Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement. He is a former officer in the US Army Reserve and graduate of the Army’s Air Assault School. He has a range of interests that have led him to study yoga with Ashtanga master David Swenson, become a Reiki master, gain coaching certifications with USA Weightlifting, USA Boxing, and USA Track and Field, certification in Permaculture Design through PRI, and to serve as a volunteer coach for the JFK High School football team in the Bronx.


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